Who is Online Food Engine & How Did We Get Started?

lacazOnline Food Engine was developed in early 2013 because a lot of our restaurant clients were interested in a solution to provide online ordering. As software developers, we had been building solutions for businesses for the past 15 years.

Because all of the solutions in the marketplace were either too expensive, too confusing to use, lacked the simplicity intelligent business people want, we decided to create a solution that solved all these problems.

Located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, we are serving clients nationally for online ordering.  While we have numerous restaurants, we also have clients in other industries for e-commerce.  Inquire on our contact page if you are looking to sell your products online.

Meet our Staff

Cary Baird is the sales manager for Online Food Engine and assists customers with social media, online ordering, mobile marketing, website development, and all things in the digital marketing world. With an eye for mobile marketing, Cary has helped develop the online ordering solution with not only the restaurants profits in mind, but also the ease of use for the consumer.  Cary is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is available by contacting him through our contact page.

Meet our Lead Software Developer, Nauman Randhawa.  Nauman RNauman was chosen to build this entire system because he is the best developer we have ever partnered with in creating software solutions for business. An expert in PHP development, Nauman is an incredible asset to our team as he also has an incredible ability to think like a business owner when developing.  Nauman has developed software for large and small businesses all around the world.  With expertise across multiple software languages and proficient in multiple languages, Nauman has helped us with clients all over the globe.