There are a few different ways your restaurant can receive orders. Here they are, and the costs for each.

  • Email: You can receive your orders by email to as many as 10 email addresses. Cost: Free
  • Windows printer: if you have a windows printer, you can have an autoprint feature of all the orders that your restaurant receives. Cost: free
  • Fax machine: it seems newer fax machines bought in the past few years work ok, the older fax machines seem to be hit or miss, so we don’t recommend using an older fax machine. Cost: Free
  • Wifi Printer: these printers are thermal, about the size of a credit card machine, and print out orders using your Wifi connection. This is probably the best bet. Cost: $299 one time

We recommend the wifi printer as it is the most reliable and simple to use, and we can give you a demo of it.